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Concert On Aspen Mountain

Last year's Blues Traveler concert at the base of Ajax.

Last year's Blues Traveler concert at the base of Ajax.

There was another great free concert on Ajax tonight, with Robert Randolph & The Family Band. It was to close out the women’s World Cup races over the weekend here, and to kick off the ski season. The night included fireworks up on the mountain too!!

This photo is actually from when Blues Traveler played the same concert last year. The stage is on the far left of the frame, with the gondola plaza in the middle, and The Little Nell hotel on the right (where I now work!). I love how the scene almost looks fake, with the snow and the lights.

Taken 12/8/2007.

Snowy Tree, Streetlight, Stop

We got snow on Thanksgiving night! So, skiing should be good this weekend! This is a shot I took downtown last year about this time, after one of the big snows, when I was playing around with the night photography thing. I kinda' like this one. Taken 12/1/2007.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Takin' a day off here... I don't have any turkey photos to share. :)

Fireworks Over Aspen

Feelin' the need to celebrate Opening Day for the 2008 ski season here in Aspen, and of course, Thanksgiving!  So, I thought I'd share a photo of fireworks from Food & Wine last year... which, coincidentally rang in the last day of the phenomenal '07 ski season.  The Aspen Mountain ski area re-opened for the weekend of The Food & Wine Classic →

Snow Sculpture

In hopes of encouraging the snowfall we had last year... here's a shot of the type of snow which accumulated last winter, creating a balanced pillow of snow on this sculpture near the Aspen Art Museum, and on top of the Rio Grande Bridge over the Roaring Fork River. Notice how the snow on the top beams of →

View From The Sundeck

This is (part of) the view from the top of Aspen Mountain (Ajax). The Highland Bowl is on the right, and Pyramid Peak is the darker peak in the distance, center of the frame. The restaurant here at the top of Ajax is aptly named The Sundeck. On my first day of work with SkiCo today, we →

Steaming Stream

OK, it's actually a river---the Roaring Fork River to be precise---but I went for the catchy name! I took this shot from the Rio Grande Bridge, right by the Aspen Art Museum, on a beautiful snowy morning. A typical day here in paradise last year... tons of snow the night before, followed by a beautiful sunny morning! →

Roaring Fork Sunset

Sunset over the Roaring Fork River, from the Rio Grande bike path, biking home from work last year after I first moved here. Taken 11/1/2007.

Suspended Cars

Hiked Ajax just over a week after skiing there, for the late-season reopening during the Food & Wine Classic. Here, two gondolas cars pass each other, suspended high above Aspen Mountain. The stormy skies provide great shadowing and depth for the mountains and foothills down the valley. Taken 6/22/2008.

Top Of The Bowl

It really feels more like the top of the world! The first time, it's because you're above everything around you, you have an amazing 360 view, and you've just completed a grueling climb; which perhaps made you question whether you'd complete it without oxygen or assistance! (Well, that was my experience, as an out-of-shape flatlander still acclimating to →