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Alaska Views Again

near the summit of Steamroller Pass, backpacking in Alaska

near the summit of Steamroller Pass, backpacking in Alaska

Well, when I was going through the Alaska pics, I saw this one too… It’s too cool not to share. This was toward the end of our first day, coming down Steamroller Pass, headed down to Archangel Lakes. The terrain in this view was just otherworldly, and the clouds hanging on the peak made the effect even more striking.

Taken 7/18/2006.

Alaska Views

Campsite at Grizzly Bear Lake, Chugach Range, Alaska

Campsite at Grizzly Bear Lake, Chugach Range, Alaska

OK, another non-Aspen view on the “Aspen Views” photoblog today… The topic of Alaska came up recently, and that got me thinking about my backpacking trip there a few years ago. It was shortly after my great visits out to Aspen; when I had decided I must move back to the mountains. This four-day adventure in the wilds of Alaska demonstrated to me exactly how out of shape I was, especially after our 12-hour hike on Day 3 (long days up there that time of year)! But the sheer magnitude and beauty of the place made up for a lot of the pain.

This photo shows our Day 2 campsite at Grizzly Bear Lake. My description from a blog entry I created a week afterwards reads, “The river/creek runs under a snow bridge, then down to the lake. It’s green and lush in the valley, surrounded by rugged peaks on all sides. The large rocks in the area where we camp were left behind as glacial moraine, and have long since been covered by moss and tundra vegetation. They look almost like small grass moguls on a flat ski slope, especially as the light gets low (it’s still dusk at midnight!).

My cousin Yvonne and her then-newlywed husband Billy were our outstanding guides for the trip, and Billy’s Peak a Week site gives a better fix on the location (with a map of our route), and has some great photos as well!

Taken 7/19/2006.